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Geumsunsa Templestay Application Form
196-2, gugi-dong,Jongno-gu,Seoul Tel. 82-2- 395-9955

Every Weekday: Recuperation(Relaxation) templestay(on weekdays) (No programs, All your Free schedule)
Every Weekend (From. Sat-To.Sun): Experiential templestay (on weekend)

The Total Number of Participants / Relationship
The Number of Templestay Experience Time(s)
Expectation / Motivation
Where get the information

(This information will be used only for the documentation.)

◆ I agree to keep the Temple’s rules and regulations for the program.
◆ I take full responsibility and liability for my own health and safety, including any accidents, during the participation.
◆ I hereby certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

- The brief introduction -
1. Room arrangement: men and women stay seperately, but for programs, altogether.
2. A uniform ( a vest and pants ) is provided during the program.
3. Templestay Hours :
 Experiential Templestay: from 3pm on Sat. to 1:30pm on Sun.
 Relaxation Templestay : from 3pm of the first day to 1pm of the last day.
 If there is any change in the operating hours, you will be informed in advance.
 Please arrive before 3pm of your date for Templestay
4. What to bring : toiletries, a personal water bottle, loose clothes for sleep, sneakers
* please do not bring the valuables. In case you lost any, we are not responsible for it.
5. Please, fill out the application form and if there are any questions, please contact us.
* contact number : 02-395-9955, 070-4242-9913
  email : geumsunsa@templestay.com

How to get to Geumsunsa(금선사):
1. Take the subway, the orange line - line No. 3, and get off at Gyeongbokgung(경복궁) Stn.
2. Get out from the exit No. 3 and walk straight forward about 70m to the bus stop.
3. Take the green bus No. 7212 at the bus stop.
4. Get off at the bus stop, Yibukodochung(이북오도청) after 20minute ride.
5. Walk up along the main road to the north for about 20minutes.
 first 10 minute- walk on the road, later 10 minute- walk in the mountain.
 There are streetpoles with the sign of Yeonhwasa(연화사) and Geumsunsa(금선사).
 Or you can take the taxi at exit 3 of Gyeongbokgung Stn. and it will take about 15minutes to get to the parking lot of Geumsunsa, then walk up for 10minutes through the mountain path.
 Please inform us in advance, if you bring heavy luggage, because the leading path to our temple is composed of stone stairs, you cannot drag it.

Relaxation Templestay (Mon.-Fri.) \70,000 per night (a private room is provided)
Experiential Templestay (on weekends) \50,000 (\40,000 under Age 18)
Bank Account : Kookmin Bank 050701-04-043058(Geumsunsa)
DATE 05/28/2015

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